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It's More Than a job - it's an Opportunity

Ronan has been with the company for just over a year now. He was a manager at the Calgary location and took part in the Canadian Property Stars All-Star team. He loves this company for its competitive spirit, but also for the positive atmosphere.

"I've worked an awful lot of jobs in construction and factory work, and you don't get a work environment like this where people really want to see the best in you, so that you achieve your full potential – and the financial reward is nice."

"This is an opportunity. I never looked at this as a job. From day one, I've looked at it as an opportunity to really achieve my potential. I came over to Canada with one thing in mind – to succeed and to be financially free – and this company has given me the vehicle to do that. I just want to thank Ben Stewart and all of the management team for supporting me all the way."