Free Daily Shuttle Service

Canadian Property Stars is pleased to provide staff with a FREE, 7 DAYS-A-WEEK shuttle service to help you promptly get to and from work each day.

We have planned several pre-determined shuttle lines with accessible pick-up points along the way for each CPS location. The precise location and estimated arrival time for the pick-up point that is best for you is available from your local management team.

What Do You Need to Do?

  1. Before your shift (night before at the latest), speak with your Management Team to confirm your need for a shuttle and let them know the specific shuttle line and pick-up point you will be using. If possible, provide your cellphone # for the driver’s passenger list.

  2. Make yourself visible for your driver and be patient for his/her arrival since they are driving in morning rush-hour traffic.

  3. Make sure to arrive at your pick-up point several minutes before the scheduled pick-up time to avoid being late.

  4. AFTER PAY-OUT at the end of the night, pay attention for the announcement of shuttles leaving the shop to return you to your pick-up point.